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How much MORE MONEY would you have if you could easily…

1: Get more leads

Automated social media posts, integrated lead generation features, and referral tools grow your marketing list effortlessly.

3: Turn prospects into appointments

Drip marketing content includes a Call-To-Action that encourages prospects to schedule an appointment with you – right away, while they’re hot.

5: Do more business with your clients

Diverse marketing content cross-sells for you and makes your clients aware of planning opportunities.

7: Turn clients into referral sources

All marketing content includes referral tools, and reminds your contacts to forward the piece to a friend or family member who might benefit from the information, and constantly positions you as an educational resource. 

2: Turn leads into prospects

Automated drip marketing campaigns continue to educate your prospects on how to make smart choices with their money by working with you, the professional.

4: Turn appointments into clients

Marketing content educates your prospects about insurance, finance, retirement, taxes, etc. so that when they’re ready to meet, they’re ready to buy.

6: Grow relationships with your clients

Keep in touch with your clients in a meaningful way by using birthday emails, holiday greetings, annual review reminders, and more automatic campaigns.

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Ike Trotter

Real Wealth® Premier Member since 2009

Greenville, MS

How much MORE TIME would you have if…  

• Compelling, relevant, educational marketing content were created and shared with your contacts.

• Your social media profiles were fresh with new posts almost daily.

• Your prospects were prioritized into a list of ‘most likely to do business.’

• You could easily see what line of business each prospect is most interested in.

• Your new clients received a ‘Welcome’ email from you.

• Your existing clients received a birthday email, holiday greetings, annual review reminders, and more.

• All the items above were pre-approved by your compliance department, and delivered for you automatically.

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Words of Encouragement

Part One of your service:

The Real Wealth® Marketing System

Part Two of your service:

The Power Session LIVE Webinar Series

Browse the Power Session LIVE Webinar Library to see thousands more testimonials from each monthly session.

How many MORE SALES would you close if… 

• You regularly trained with the top 1% of advisors in the world

• You knew how to sell what your clients want to buy

• You were aware of industry trends, and how to take advantage of them

• You had access to cutting edge tools and resources both for you in your business, and for your clients as a value-add.

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Service Options

Basic Service

$0 one-time setup fee

Premier Service

$249 setup + $99/mo

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Retail price: $249 setup + $299/mo

Features included in your
NAIFA ClientCast® Marketing service
powered by Real Wealth®

FeatureBasic ServicePremier Service
Monthly Power Session LIVE Sales Training WebinarsXX
Power Session LIVE Webinar Library on-demand accessX
Discounts for unique industry tools & resourcesXX
Discounts to attend the Real Wealth® Advisor SymposiumXX
Complete compliance approval service for campaigns and content
created by Real Wealth® for advisors associated with our existing 
Compliance Partners. Not listed yet? We will set up a process with
your compliance department at no additional charge.
Monthly sales idea that pertains to each month’s particular topicXX
1 monthly pre-written email XX
5 monthly pre-written social media posts
optimized for Facebook
5 monthly pre-written social media posts
optimized for LinkedIn
5 monthly pre-written social media posts
optimized for Twitter
Personal Marketing Consultation with experienced Real Wealth®
Advisor Success Coach upon setup, and each quarter
Personal branding on all marketing contentX
Easy-to-use compliance tool for any edits made to Real Wealth®
content or self-made content within Marketing System
Automatic distribution of personalized weekly and monthly
marketing content (includes 1 email & 45 social posts)
Automatic distribution of personally branded Happy Birthday emailsX
Automatic distribution of personally branded Happy Anniversary emails X
Automatic distribution of personally branded Annual Review/Thank You
Automatic distribution of personally branded Holiday Greeting emails
(17 available)
Lead scoring technology to track highly-engaged prospects X
Lead notification system to notify you of the prospects you
want to follow up with most
Embeddable marketing content widget for your existing website
to increase SEO
Integrations with popular CRMs for automatic data updates and
contact transfers to marketing system and prospecting campaigns
Access for you and your team to Real Wealth® Marketing System to
create your own campaigns, design professional emails, schedule
social media posts, and more
Automation bot: Contact-triggered automations that offer an
impressive, seamless experience for your prospects & clients
Contacts can self-subscribe to either weekly or monthly educational
marketing content campaigns – both are personally branded and
automatic for you
30 day free trial of the Sales Intel Engine lead generatorX
Optional pre-made specialty campaigns to choose
from, and options to have the experienced Real Wealth® Marketing
Team create a custom campaign for you (additional charges apply)
Includes up to 1,000 contacts in the Real Wealth® Marketing System
($20/mo for each additional 1,000 contacts)
The satisfaction of being able to educate your community on topics
that will help them live a more fulfilling life, without having to quit your
day job to be a full-time marketer.

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