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Wait, what’s the Real Wealth® mission?

Our core mission is to educate, inspire, and motivate Americans to make smart choices with their money. We believe that wealth is not about money; rather, it’s about leading a fulfilling life. We believe it’s important for Americans to work with a professional who understands both the industry and their personal situation, who can help them implement a strategy that makes sense for them. Finances can be emotional, complex, and overwhelming without the coaching of a professional who can make them aware of opportunities and strategies that will help them avoid financial hardship, reach their financial goals, and ultimately live the life they want to live. The mission of this symposium is to educate, inspire and motivate America’s professional advisors to be the best they can be for their clients and communities. We aim to arm them with information, ideas and strategies that will help build their businesses and ultimately assist them in serving their clients like never before.

Sponsor benefits:

Depending on sponsorship level, sponsors may appear on website, email promotions, social media promotions, attendee materials and other materials/parts of the event. Sponsors may also receive mention, present in front of attendees, have a booth, etc. There are many sponsorship opportunities, but limited space, so contact Angela today – we’d love your support to further our mission!


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